…is a community of interest which draws upon the shared lived experiences of people who are or have been subject to punishment.

We seek to improve the effectiveness of Scotland’s



  • To enable people within the criminal justice system to recognise that it is possible to make their own decisions to move away from offending and to re-establish their citizenship within their own community.
  • To offer policy makers and others who devise, design and commission services and programmes intended to reduce offending and reoffending in Scotland feedback derived from the direct personal experiences of the people for whom these services are intended.


  • We are building good practice models for peer mentoring within the criminal justice system and into communities.
  • We set up local groups where opportunity and need coincide and build local teams through a consultative process involving individuals and relevant interested parties.
  • We provide the means by which people with personal experience of the criminal justice system can share their knowledge with policy makers, service commissioners and providers.
  • We collaborate with academic research to bring theory closer to effective practice and to understand how to evidence our effectiveness.


  • The social rehabilitation of people with a criminal record.
  • The reduction of discrimination against law abiding people with a criminal record to increase their opportunities to become contributing citizens.
  • The reduction of demands on services provided within criminal justice and other social services for people and families affected by offending, imprisonment and community punishments.
  • The reduction of the cost to the nation of imprisonment.


Positive Prison? Positive Futures… is registered as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) – registered no: SC043426 in September 2012.

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Positive Prison? Positive Futures… is a SCIO, charity number SC043426