Doubting Thomas…

Our very own Advice and Guidance Guru, Mr Thomas McCrudden, will be appearing at this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival – in a play based upon his own life!

As the blurb states: –

“The inspirational true story of Thomas McCrudden, a man with a tortured and violent past but with the hope for a different future. It’s a complex and moving story about abandonment and the conflict of being forced to facilitate multiple roles, in Thomas’s own words ‘none of which were me! When I was growing up I wasn’t shown love, and that created not just a man without a conscience or empathy. It created a monster.’ Devised and created by multi award-winning director Jeremy Weller (six-timeScotsman Fringe First Award winner) of the Grassmarket Project.”

We are happy to report that the monster mentioned above has been fully slain but you will need to watch the show to see how. Ticket details are available by clicking here.

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